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Data Strategy & Insights USA

B2B and B2C Worldwide


This little video is specific to consumers B2C (Business-to-Consumer), and combines both geodemographic and psychographic targeting.  This can be applied offline and online in all manner of campaigns and retargeting.  We have thousands of data points at our disposal, spanning all B2C industry segments.

About 50%  of our clients are B2B (Business-to-Business), and we have built great relationships with Dun & Bradstreet and other data vendors.

Geo-spatial Analysis


We are uniquely talented in combining geospatial layers with both B2B and B2C data in building predictive models. 

Even though we all think online matters much more than terrestrial data, our clients have enjoyed excellent ROI on their advertising and targeted marketing, and even risk management projects by combining the online and terrestrial data characteristics worldwide.

ICONO  Political and Governance System


We unlock positive change by giving political campaigns, and governments the most powerful citizen insights available.  Imagine a data-driven future where understanding the people you serve leads to better decision making. That's what ICONO enables you to do today.  ICONO empowers political campaigns with superior voter insights.

Social Network Analytics


This is visualization of a social network.  The power of social network analysis enables us to optimize and disrupt various social networks to your advantage.  To do that, you have to go beyond 'cool graphics' and delve into more sophisticated methods.  Otherwise even talented analysts are likely to get lost in the massive amount of data and links.

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Expertise Benefit Value Speed Quality

Unlock hidden insights and drive results faster with A1 Analytics, where location data meets AI innovation.

We combine advanced data science, surveys, and AI to create custom solutions for businesses, non-profits, and political campaigns. Our services include:

  • Optimize Territories: Identify high-opportunity areas to maximize sales or voter outreach using AI and geospatial analysis.

  • Find Ideal Sites: Pinpoint lucrative locations for offices, franchises, or new construction with data-driven insights.

  • Actionable Insights: Gain a clear picture of your landscape and opportunities through easy-to-use dashboards.

  • Advanced Customer Targeting: Leverage cutting-edge AI to segment customers and deliver targeted marketing or operations strategies.

  • Seamless Integration: Enhance your existing tools (ESRI, Google Earth, Tableau) and take your team to the next level.


We have a proven track record of success in boosting sales, customer loyalty, and even winning campaign insights. Our fast turnaround times and affordable pricing make us a perfect fit for most budgets and clients with urgent needs.

  • Proven Track Record: From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, we've helped clients significantly increase sales and make smarter location decisions, delivering tangible results with a high ROI.

  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every business is unique. That's why we tailor our services to meet your specific industry needs and goals, ensuring maximum impact and efficiency.

  • Transparent Partnership: Transparency and collaboration are at the core of our approach. With our milestone billing system, you only pay for completed work stages that exceed your satisfaction, minimizing risk and fostering a close partnership throughout the project lifecycle.


Industry Recognition: Our clientele spans across various sectors, including automotive, real estate, healthcare, and more. Past clients such as Oracle, Cisco Systems, and Mayo Clinic have witnessed remarkable success stories, from tripling sales over three years to reducing customer churn by 25% in just three months.


Unlock Your Potential with A1 Analytics: Ready to take your business to new heights? Schedule your FREE Assessment and Demonstration today to discover how our expertise in geospatial intelligence and predictive modeling can drive breakthrough results for your organization.

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Analytics and Data Science Continuum


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Our Basic Steps

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Greg got his start in analytics at age 18, holding a Top Secret SCI security clearance, in support of Naval Intelligence and the National Security Agency (NSA), growing into a subject matter expert for Cuba. 


He is a graduate of the Department of Defense Language Institute Spanish and Russian programs, the NSA School of Applied Cryptologic Science, Navy's IT/Electronics School, and Army's Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare program.

Over the past fifteen years, he has led analytics for eBay, Autodesk, Palo Alto Networks, and Fresh Gravity.  He is co-inventor on U.S.Patent #US 9641544 B1 "Automated Insider Threat Prevention" for Palo Alto Networks Incorporated.  Click here for a list of our work in various industries.



David is a business operations attorney, focused on regulated markets.  He has led international trade compliance for some of the leading technology companies in California.  He is also a proponent for data science in all areas of law, compliance, trade, risk mitigation and risk management.

Project Agreement Roles & Responsiblities


Business Development Advisor

Keith was an early innovator of CMMS systems such as the San Francisco Municipal Railway’s subway launch, nuclear submarine refueling at U.S. Navy yards, and an ERP consultant on projects for varied clients including Halter Marine,  the Pakistani military, IBM, Delphi, Telmex, Delphi Europe, Thyssen-Krupp, Warner-Chilcott, Delphi Packard South America and other leading companies around the globe. 

Global Business Manager
Analytics Workspace


Global Presence

Over the years, we have developed working relationships with the top data scientists in the world, including: Santa Clara, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, and Beijing.

Our team includes members with advanced degrees in law, data science, econometric modeling, and psychology.

We encrypt all client data, and use "Need to Know" criteria for access.  Strictly controlling all data, we use both Amazon and Microsoft Azure to host project data to share your results.  We then then securely delete all client data using a military-grade wiping process at the conclusion of your project.

Because we have a global network of trusted experts, we can deliver the most advanced solutions, at a great value, quickly, and of highest quality.

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