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Cryptologic and social network analytics related to various aspects of commerce, shipping, and military operations, with a focus on Cuba and Russia.  Led a team of cryptologic linguists, and collaborated with other domestic and foreign government agencies.



Developed detailed and comprehensive customer profiling and segmentation in support of Cisco's various products worldwide.  Briefed creative team on the unique characteristics of each customer segment, for all company sizes and geographies, to include job title analytics and identifying influencers, budget authorities, internal evangelists, and decision makers within each organization.



Produced entire segmentation and communication strategy for Levi's Dockers, Levi for Girls, Levi Personal Pair online campaigns.  Developed geospatial targeting for various music events, with leading recording artists, and measured campaign effectiveness and ROI.

Quantified the impact of Levi Strauss retailers using 501 jeans as a promotional incentive to drive retail store traffic.



Ran the entire front-end, real-time, and back end analytics related to Oracle OpenWorld.  This was the first time Oracle leveraged predictive geospatial intelligence to determine both targeting and advertising budgets.  Exceeded attendance expectations by 15% and reduced costs by 35%.



Today, bank branches in supermarkets are a common sight.  We initiated that trend as part of a collaboration between Wells Fargo Bank and Vons Supermarket in Southern California.  By using anonymized data, we were able to build the first predictive model and accurately predict based on shopping cart contents those Vons customers who would be ideally suited to open a Wells Fargo checking account.  Various factors, such as drive time to the store, presence of competing banks were analyzed using factors analysis.

We then worked with the creative team to use scientific method to test various email campaigns, such as whether a message from Wells Fargo or Vons would be most effective.

As a result of our success, many other banks and supermarkets followed suit.



Our joint Wells Fargo-Vons Supermarket in-store banking test campaign was sponsored by Wells Fargo checking department executives.  While it was a success, as described above, a lot of valuable insights surfaced in our analytics that benefited other Wells Fargo groups, such as their mortgage origination, home equity line of credit, and credit card divisions.



Won the British Airways account from the world's largest advertising agency by performing superior business class passenger profiling, segmentation and targeting.  In addition to advanced analytics, our creative team remodeled the entire first floor of our agency to look exactly like a British Airways ticket counter, right down to the uniforms and lapel pins.  The executives from British Airways were amazed by the creative and analytic effort.  We later won AdWeek's agency of the year for our work with British Airways and other top-tier clients.



Responsible for corporate marketing's leverage of the global installed base for CRM and SFA.

Supporting customer relationship marketing across all touch points, verticals and channels. Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting installed base data, VAR and SFA data, competitive intelligence, and Web traffic.

Supported team efforts in focus groups and surveys. Contributor to decision-making, action planning and integrated sales and marketing initiatives worldwide.

Helped capture largest account to date by applying Dun & Bradstreet Family Tree Finder technology to installed base data.



Producing actionable customer insights for eBay’s Business and Industrial Group through advanced data analytics of the global installed base.

Developed cross-border trade models for PayPal and eBay CRM and SFA. Collaborated with IT/IS to improve data capture, quality, and to append SIC codes and firmographics to business accounts.

Worked with Americas Marketing Group CRM database marketing and eBay Motors to develop marketing plans and SFA tools.

Developed a model that monetizes international customer satisfaction.

Produced actionable business intelligence, data-centric studies for managers worldwide.

Applied psychographic profiling using tools from SRC to existing focus group and survey responder data sets, enabling the direct marketing group to better identify and target specific groups in the installed base.

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All manner of customer loyalty analytics increased business in consecutive years. 

Developed a monthly customer satisfaction survey that for the first time monetized customer satisfaction across dozens of areas.  Prior to this study, executives had the impression that product availability and pricing were the key factors in whether a customer had a good shopping experience.  In fact, they learned from our work that the key correlation was the time waiting in the checkout line.  It turned out that the loyalty program points and coupons were adversely impacting the wait time.  When we learned this, the company implemented a new Point-of-Sale and Loyalty program, which boosted satisfaction and lifetime value.



This project required a combination of predictive analytics, RF engineering, and geospatial intelligence.  We led a joint project for what was Telephia (Nielsen Mobile) and T-Mobile.  Our project compared the Ericcson TEMS system, which mounted RF data collection boxes in the trunk of taxis to Telephia's mobile RF data collection fleet.  What we learned was that even though Ericcson's method collected more signal readings, most of them were taken where taxis tend to park, such as the airport.  We also learned that we could improve upon Telephia's fleet method by also placing boxes in garbage trucks and delivery vehicles. 

Another unexpected but important finding was that we could, by using various signals parameters, predict dropped-calls.  When we applied our predictive model to a map, we could see that most dropped calls would take place at the on-ramp and off-ramp of bridges due to heavy concrete infrastructure.  T-Mobile was then able to place repeater units wherever our maps suggested to increase service quality significantly.



Helped implement a new CRM system and introduced predictive modeling to Symantec.

Also identified that the email marketing team was not doing frequency counts by company name, and in some cases, sending out over 500 emails to a single company, thus blacklisting Symantec from all future email campaigns.  Instituted a system by which, the email operator sets limits - not only for total emails - but number of emails by company.



Grew the Palo Alto Networks marketing analytics team from one data scientist to six.  Our team worked with, Adobe Marketing Cloud, D&B, Demandbase, and other vendors to create a true 360 degree view of all web visitors, prospects, and customers.  We integrated Salesforce,com, Tableau, and Adobe Marketing Cloud, in such a way, sales people and VARS could easily determine who to talk to about what product, based on their online signals.  Our integration with D&B Family Tree enabled sales people to effectively cross-sell and up-sell using account-based marketing, thus crushing the competition, and exceeding all sales projections.

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Developed a comprehensive capabilities deck.  Improved upon a national highway safety program.  Designed a predictive manufacturing process for a major chip manufacturer.  Developed a predictive map for the City of San Francisco, that enables them to increase emergency services coverage by 15% while reducing expenses by 30-40%.



Aprovechar.US (Aprovechar means to take advantage of some opportunity in Spanish). We are building business bridges between Colombia and the United States, facilitated by data science.  Our first effort is and we have several projects underway with major real estate and development clients.



Is there a business challenge that you sense could be improved with advanced primary research, predictive or prescriptive data science?  Maybe your various data systems are not delivering on their promise?  If so, let's talk!  We would love to learn more and share our insights with you at no charge.  Email us to discus growing YOUR success.

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